Blocked Drain Cleaning Service Auckland

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Phoenix Environmental Solutions

Phoenix Environmental Solutions are on hand for all your sewer and drain unblocking issues, as well as stormwater maintenance, root cutting and grease converter cleaning.

From identifying the need for a reliable and reputable supplier to the residential and commercial sector. Phoenix Environmental Solutions has begun establishing itself as a niche industry business with the same skills and systems as larger companies; without the associated costs and slow service.

Experienced and professional technicians available 24/7 in the Auckland region.

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Why us?

  • Phoenix Environmental Solutions aims to be the best; not the biggest
  • Our main commitment is not to our bottom line, it’s providing you with the right solution
  • We walk the talk when it comes to being environmentally conscious
  • Simple pricing - no hidden costs, sundries and/or levies
  • Health and Safety is a priority - Train Safe, Work Safe, Home Safe!